Monday, March 27, 2006

MIA at the WSA

It's a little late to be commenting on the February WSA, but I was recently chatting with a buyer who, like me, was disappointed in the selection of shoes being represented. Men's was more interesting than women's though though in general there wer way too many vendors doing their version of a fusion sneaker. More importantly though, where were the platforms for women?? Now admittedly, I didn't visit every booth in the place, but my buyer friend did and he had the exact same question. Their absence was especially mind-boggling for him since he shops Europe extensively and started seeing platforms their last year.

Note: image was pulled form Paper Magazine. The shoes are called Cork-Ease and according to the article, they should now be available in stores, but there's no reference to who is selling them. Happy hunting!

Update: Now the Kork-ease Web site is listing retailers that sell its shoes.

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