Monday, May 15, 2006

Lucky Magazine: Good Things

Seeing as I just triple snapped on Lucky's editorial policy of forcing its fashion editors to do double time as models, it's only fair that I point out that said editors do occassionally spot some good shit, which they are kind enough to share with us peons in the pages of their magazine.

First off, this really cute black wooden manta-ray necklace (by Katherine Azarmi-Rose). I went to the Web site and didn't like it as much once I saw that it was part of a whole collection of marine animals, including--ugh--a diamond starfish--and that the manta was available in--ugh--mother of pearl because it ruined the piece's bad-assness. Suddenly it went from this cool, black mysterious necklace to something a Jersey Shore retiree might wear out to dinner to an oceanside restaurant. Besides which, the damn thing costs close to $400 and even if it does have "diamond accent eyes," I'd have to have a six-tab-a-day-acid habit before I'd pay that much for a piece of wood.

^^Cute, but too expensive

Okay next is Lucky's shout out to comfort shoe company Worishofer. Apparently all the cute French girls are wearing these, and I concur, their shoes are both cute and affordable, ranging in price from $55-$70.

^^Granny chic--shoes only! Definitely not skirts!

And now for an obnoxious moment. Not for nothing, but I bought my first pair of grandma shoes just like these about two summers ago. Maybe even longer (depending on how long someone else tries to claim they bought their first orthopedics). Seriously though, after wearing out my first pair, I wore my second pair to the August 2004 WSA (a huge trade show in Las Vegas) and was pretty sure that I caught more than a few askance looks thanks to my cutting edge choice in footwear. Now you know people, I wasn't moonlighting between the convention center and a nurses job at a nearby hospital, I was working hard setting trends dammit!!

Note: For New York shoppers who like to try their shoes on before they buy them, Tip Top Shoes in Manhattan carries Worishofer. Or if you're looking for stores outside of New York, you can use the NSRA shoe brand search engine. Handy! LATE-BREAKING UPDATE: The NSRA got rid of the retail search function on its site--those bastards!


Butterfly Jones said...

I'm so over my heels at the moment, and these shoes are looking so attractive right now. With age comes wisdom!

Butterfly Jones said...

Plus loving your blog!

minny said...

the shoes are really cute.

Lois said...

I'm thinking I might have to buy a pair of the red ones. They're too cheap/cute to pass by.

And thanks for the feedback Butterfly.