Monday, May 15, 2006

Lucky Editors

^^Lucky editors, left to right: Anne Keane, Meredith Kahn Rollins, Hope Greenberg

Whenever I leaf through Lucky magazine and come across the "Lucky Editor's Picks," a monthly features, which includes images of three different editors surrounded by their favorite fashion items for the month (each editor has a separate theme, this month it's gold accents, Western, black and white, which I think is sort of a boring way to do the story, but oh well), I always think of two things.

First, what would happen if they were fat and a lot less attractive? I mean these women are magazine editors. Are we to presume that their job description also includes fashion model? I imagine that Lucky's editors would argue that use of their images is fitting given the magazine's emphasis on everyday fashion, but I still find it sort of weird or least telling about the hiring practices of top-tier fashion magazines.

The second thing I think of is a conversation I once had with a caterer at some fancy Downtown bar. She told me that she specialized in catering fashion events, and we both got to talking about the eating habits of folks in the industry. Having once worked dressing models for a show, I already knew that models tend to be pretty good eaters. After all, they're usually in their teens or early twenties, very tall and constantly on the go (and yes, in many cases the combination of cigarettes and cocaine is also a big help) so being stick thin is a pretty natural state of affairs for them. Ergo, they eat to their heart's content whenever there's food around.

When I asked the caterer who ate the least, she told me that, hands down, women's fashion magazine editors almost all ate like birds and were the pickiest about the content of each and every morsel they consumed. And when I look at the Lucky editors, not to mention Ana Wintour, this doesn't surprise me one iota.

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