Sunday, May 14, 2006

Adidas, Vans, Modern Amusement

While getting blisters on my feet and shopping all the shoe stores on lower Broadway this past week, I decided that based on what I was seeing on people's feet and what was being tried-on in the stores, the three hottest brands are the following:

^^Adidas Adicolor: I dissed this whole program a while ago as a warmed over repeat, but even then I admitted there were a couple of hot styles.

^^Vans: these are hot and getting hotter by the minute.

^^Modern Amusement by Sperry: not really hot, but I liked them a lot. If I hadn't already spent way too much on various and sundry crap this past month, I'd either get these or the Vans.

All of these shoes can be purchased at David Z.


Charlotte said...

I dig the vans. Adicolor just irritates me.

Lois said...

I like the Vans too, I'm totally mixed on Adicolor. I can't decide if the Mr. Happy, Kermit series is cute or corny. I'm torn!