Sunday, May 14, 2006

BC Shoes: Blistered Feet Spring Eternal

I didn't post much at the end of last week cause I was busy with family stuff, but also 'cause I was suffering from some energy-zapping illness. I blame my new BC shoes for creating the blister that probably acted as a welcome wagon gateway for the evil virus. Given that the germ jumped my feet in Manhattan, I consider myself lucky that I didn't catch something a lot worse.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm not mad at my shoes for making me sick. This is just something my feet have to suffer through every spring when I make the switch to sandals.

^^My favorite new shoes. Tons of cute detailing on a shoe priced at just $54.99. Gotta love it. And they come in a few different colors as well.

UPDATE on 5/23: I see that the orange shoes are sold out at the site I linked too, though brown and tan are still available. If you want to search elsewhere, this wedge style is called Three's Company.

The state of my Band-aid-covered feet reminds me of a clever New York Times story that ran about this time last year. Its theme was about how women's feet suffer when spring arrives. Here's a tidbit of it:

The months of swaddling winter-tenderized feet in tights, thick socks and shock-absorbing boots are over. Now is when many women willingly squeeze their vulnerable toes into sandals that slice unforgiving into the skin.

Eva Gajzer, who sells shoes and clothing at Kirna ZabĂȘte, a SoHo boutique, has witnessed the casualties. "Band-Aids, I see them all the time," Ms. Gajzer said.

Suddenly women are pulling out shoes with straps "like little knives," she said. "They walk into the store with their feet completely covered in blood."

The things we do for love.

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