Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jay and Beyonce Play the Coordination Game

If you know anything about urban fashion, you know that coordination is key. In an earlier post on my favorite couple*, I detailed how tight Jay's matching game was between his polo top and sneakers. However, while I'm happy to dole out the compliments, I won't hesitate to snatch them away when I see someone who should know better fall-off.

Examine images No. 1-2, aka exhibit A. Jay's yellow polo is perfect against his brown skin, all the richer from a day of basking poolside in Miami, but checkout his bright yellow BAPE shoes. Correct me if I'm wrong (maybe it is just the lighting), but those two yellows are hardly the same. In fact, they're different enough that they even clash with each other! One is a warm yellow, while the other is a citrus, borderline flourescent yellow. Now one could argue that Jay is doing the anti-match skater thing a la Pharrel, but I don't think so. There's been zero evidence up until now that Jay wants anything to do with that style.

^^"What?? Whose shoes are you talking 'bout??"

^^"Don't look at me--it's not my fault!! I didn't think they matched either, but I know better than to try and tell Jay how to put an outfit together!"

And where Jay falls off, Bee picks up the slack. Examine images No. 2-6, aka exhibit B, in which we see Bee show the world just how ridiculously tight her coordination game is. Not only does her cover-up match her bikini, but the cover-up is made of the same fabric as the bikini and features the same trim. A-plus for our girl Bee!

^^The purple coverup is gorgeous, but with a cowboy hat? Bee sneaks by with it ONLY because she's from Texas. If she were from anywhere else, I'd have to deduct points.

^^Bee teases the papparazzi with her slow striptease.

^^Ta-da!! A perfect match!!

^^From the front--Bee loves this cut not just on bikinis, but in gowns as well she often wears ones with a similarly wide plunge.

^^Apparently Bee doesn't have a bad side.

*Why the asterik? Cause I want to insert some gossip from Wendy William's show here. Yesterday a caller asked why Jay and Bee always look so bored when they're out and about together. Wendy answered that while she thinks they're a true couple, she also believes that both Jay and Bee realize the benefits/added publicity of being seen as an exclusive couple publically, but that behind closed doors, she's convinced they both have people on the side. She specifically mentioned seeing Jay out somewhere recently "two sheets to the wind," doing his thing and Bee was "nowhere in sight." I don't know about Bee, but yeah, my guess is that Jay does have some things going on the side. Also, if you're having trouble accessing images as I am at BeyonceWorld, CornerofBeyonce is a great alternative.

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samida said...

I love the bathing suits and bikinis she chooses, because they suit her body type. Since she is a little fuller at the bottom, there is more fabric and just enough fabric on the top. She hardly does the barely there bikini, although there was a gold bikini from last year that did raise and eyebrow. Still, her "water wear" is on point!