Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ex-Idol Paris Does her Thing

When I saw Paris's very first performance on American Idol, I was convinced she would sail right to victory. But ehh, she clearly peaked too soon. By mid-season, I could see that Simon was gunning for her. My guess is that she didn't provide enough drama, i.e. a back story that the show could create interest around. I still think she's talented though I see from her recent MTV appearance that she's being packaged as a cute R&B chick with a tomboy edge.

^^Paris wearing a Le Tigre top and a cami-baseball cap, it's a look that might match her babyish speaking voice, but not her jazzy singing voice

^^Check out Paris's BAPE sneakers, a very hot brand in the hiphop community these days. My question is, are they real or fakes?

^^Paris is wearing the same work-style shorts that I blogged about Chris Brown wearing last week. It was a look that worked on Chris, but seems wrong on Paris.

To me, this look rings false. Paris can actually sing, and yet here her handlers are dressing her in the mold of a Ciara, a young woman who is all looks and personality and no voice. I say let Paris be Paris, a young woman whose voice harkens back to days gone past when your ability to hold a note and understand your musical history and roots actually meant something. It may take more time to develop her and build an audience that exists beyond teeny-bopper land, but in the long run, she'll not only have more longevity, but also be able to look herself in the eye when she wakes up each morning.

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