Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BK Fashion Week Follow-up

Last week I posted about BK Fashion Week, and my fears that while the event might be fun for attendees, from a bottom line perspective, it might not be worth all the time and energy designers put into it. I wasn't able to attend the show, but Julie of AlmostGirl was. I'll let her get into the behind-the-scenes foolywang drama of the actual show (which she promises to do at a later date), but based on the images she took, I do want to share her sentiment on designer Lopeti Etu's label H.O.R.R. as being a show standout. Here's what Julia had to say:

The real star of shows however did fit neatly into any fashion subcategory or box. Lopeti Etu, designer for H.O.R.R.S or Habana Outpost Recycled Rejects Shop, showed a collection of clothing made entirely out of recycled material. “The design came about because there is so much waste and we are about being eco friendly and green,” says Etu. “We took stuff that people gave us, old clothing, and put them into a collage and cut it to make clothes.” And what clothes they were; ranging from highly wearable sun dresses in easy patchwork, to highly conceptual geometric pieces that played widely with volume, featuring bubbles extending out from the bust and posterior.

And here are some of images Julia took of the H.O.R.R. line:

Pretty amazing, huh?

I'm sure he's heard a million times already, but Etu reminds a lot of Senegalese designer Xuly Bet. Searching around, I see that Xuly Bet is still very much designing, but the comparison I make comes from his design period during the mid-nineties, when he was every super model's darling for his brightly-colored and patterned dresses and sweaters, which were composed of recycled, reworked and deconstructed garments.

p.s. I just wanted to also thank Julia for inviting me to join on with the Coutorture network of fashion blogs. Props to Julia for her bringing-folks-together skills!

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