Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bust Magazine: Featured Goodies

The June/July issue of Bust magazine is out. I received my copy yesterday. Karen O, of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the consumate Bust chick,is on the cover. Karen says some cool things of course, but I like the title of the article best: "Karen O doesn't give a shit what you might think of her." Lol--now THAT is a sentiment to live life by!

So anyway, I'm not gonna scan the images of Karen. I'm all about powerful women like Karen, but ehh, while her fans will probably swoon, there's nothing special about the featured photographs. Instead, I decided to check out some of the independent businesses that either advertise in the magazine or a featured in the photo shoots, and post images of my favorite products here, most of which are priced less than $100. Well wait, at least one product wasn't so much a fave as it was a mindblower.

^^This custom fused glass belt buckle was my favorite item of all. It may not look like a big deal, but go to Kiku-Co.com to see a bunch of other neat/different designs. Plus, the designer likes to do custom designs and will do custom screens of images you send her for just $4 more per belt buckle, which sell for about $50.

^^Earth Shoes: comfortable/healthy shoes as a fashion trend continues to grow.

^^Easy breezy dress at ModaSpia.com

^^Vintage earrings with painted landscape at the BeesKneesVintage.com

^^Every woman needs a good drill

^^Blue space monkey shower curtain by Dayek available at Fly-Bird.net. Would someone be kind enough to send me one of these for my birthday? Please?

^^Gwen Stefani style: vintage bathing suits at RevampVintage.com

Beyond mascara and undereye concealer, I don't do beauty products, but in fairness to the many who do, the packaging for this company is adorable and the product--that's body cream in the image--itself seems kinda neat too. Available at LizzieSweet.com

^^Lingerie isn't a very happening category these days, but these garters are fun and different. You can find them at Ilaniaowear.com. I like the company statement: "Fashions for the serotonin-depleted."

^^There's isn't much in life that shocks me, but wow, this tee-shirt sure did. Supposedly it's a vintage tee-shirt from the 80s, but somehow I find it very disturbing. Damaged girls of the world unite? Check out this tee and other interesting items at NewYorkCouture.net. Ya gotta hand it to Bust. As cool as Jane magazine strives to be, aint no way in hell, they'd run an advertisement featuring this tee.

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