Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Adidas Snatches NBA from Reebok

The news came today that Adidas is snatching the NBA license away from Reebok (for those not in the know--Adidas shocked the world when it bought Reebok in August 2005). A lot of folks suspected that Adidas would make this move. My question is, what will happen to the NBA-logo footwear deal that Reebok currently has with Target. The shoes don't have the Reebok logo on them, though it is on the box. Will Adidas now stamp their name on the box instead and maintain the deal? Stay tuned for details!

Either way, you know that Nike was super-steamed at this quote from the article:

"NBA Commissioner David Stern, who termed Adidas as the 'best brand in footwear and sports apparel,' readily agreed to switch over to Adidas."

And the truth is, Nike would have a right to be ticked. These days, Adidas is sucking wind in the performance category, and in the United States, I'm told by buyers that its performance basketball shoes don't plain even a decent second to Nike.

^^Reebok NBA-logo shoe for Target

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