Monday, May 01, 2006

Sneaker Thieves Busted in Brooklyn

While I was hanging out in the pizza parlour the other day trying to take pictures of girl's sneakers (for a story I'm working on), I came across a sort of odd article in the Park Slope Paper about an attempt to steal someone's sneaker collection. Here's a link to a pdf of the whole paper and here's the story:

"Women may have their shoe obsessions, but rarely do they become criminal.However, a pair of sneaker freaks did when they snatched a large collection of kicks--valued at $108,000--from a Park Slope storage facility on April 21. The horde’s 26-year-old owner flagged down a patrol car to say someone had cleaned out his storage space at the Third Avenue warehouse, near First Street, police said. The victim’s prized shoe collection was safe at 11:30 am, but by 2:52 pm, they were gone. Security cameras were keen enough to see that the shoes didn’t walk away by themselves; footage shows twomen hauling the collection out the loading dock. Police later arrested the alleged thieves, ages 38 and 45, but couldn’t recover the booty."

I'm trying to figure out what happend here. I'm guessing the guy was in the process of moving more than one trip's worth of stuff into storage, thus the discovery of his missing shoes. But what about the two thieves? Were they casing the joint for anyone who might be unloading their stuff or did all those orange boxes catch their eye and cause them to lose their mind enough to forget the whole security camera detail? More importantly, where are the missing shoes???

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wow!...great collection....i have a collection of nike shoes