Friday, May 05, 2006

Wendy Williams

Can I get a moment on on-air personality Wendy Williams? She was at a recent event promoting something so I want to comment on her style, but I also want to talk about Wendy the women. All you Wendy haters, I'd suggest you start scrolling right about now. I am a fan of Wendy, in fact, a long-time and loyal fan.

I first starting listening to her about a year after my son was born. I was flat-busted at the time, barely surviving and getting help from no one. To make ends (barely) meet, I was babysitting the child of a family, who was nice enough to let me bring my son with me to the job. In the afternnon when the two boys were napping if I didn't fall asleep from exhaustion with them, I'd sit and listen to Wendy's show. And as corny as it may sound, Miss Wendy was one of the few entertaining things in my life at the time, and for that, I will always be a loyal and appreciative fan.

A lot of people hate on Wendy because they say she's just a gossip, and worse, a lot of what she says is lies. I'll admit, there have been times that Wendy has said very personal things about celebrities that just make me cringe, but as the show has evolved, I hear less and less of that stuff. In fact, these days gossip is a very small part of her show. But even still, the women is very connected in the industry, and it's obvious to me that not only does she not not have to make shit up, there's probably a LOT she's holding back!

And whether or not you like the gossip or even the format of the show, Wendy deserves kudos for her drive, her success, her fearlessness, how she has always embraced the gay community, and supported and cheered on the efforts of other women of color.

Now on to her style. Observe if you will, this image of Wendy and her husband, Kevin below. It's a great picture of both of them. However, Wendy is doing a couple of things here style-wise, which, if I got to dress her, I would tweak slightly. First, the Persian lamb cropped jacket is adorable, except that it's May! I don't have a lot of dos and don'ts, but I think Wendy has a tendency to cross the line when it comes to dressing according to season. She appeared at another recent event wearing fur mukluk boots--and it was April!

If I could, I would also tone down her hair, and this is really out there, but I think she'd look better with a slightly smaller set of knockers. I know Wendy isn't stupid and she has repeatedly said that she intentionally styles herself the way she does because it's both part of who she is, but also attention-getting. Fine, I buy that, but I think she's reached a level of success where she doesn't have to resort to big hair to get people to notice her. I'll take Wendy any way she comes and I trust her instincts, but I think a freshening up of her look would be fun for everyone.

More images of Wendy:

^^She actually looks pretty great here. Her hair is big, but not out of control and her makeup is appropriately casual given the jeans and tee-shirt.

^^Check out her slick, point-toed yellow shoes and goodness, look how little she is these days!

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