Thursday, June 15, 2006

Clipse w/ Pharrel video: fashion breakdown

Over at, I spied a new video for a song called "Mr. Me Too" by the Clipse featuring Pharrel. There's some interesting things going on it it fashion-wise so I linked it and pull some images.

Okay, so the theme of the song is this guy who, everytime you say you have something going on, he says he does, too. You know the type, you talk about having some fresh new something and this cat, never fail, chimes in, "Yeah me too!" The song isn't bad and I like the hook, but I think the video is hitting the limits as far as product push goes as it borders on being a commercial for Pharrel's Ice Cream footwear and apparel line and Bape.

^^Here you see Pharrel wearing an Ice Cream cap, featuring the brand's running dog.

^^In the next scene, we get Mr. Me Too, who just so happens to be wearing an Ice Cream hoodie.

^^I like this scene cause it features Pharrel in a face scarf--don't know if it's a Ice Cream face scarf, though if they're not making those yet, I'm sure they will soon!

^^The other product getting a big push in this video is Bape, which isn't surprising as Pharrel has a working relationship with its head desinger/owner, Nigo. In fact, if I recall correctly, Nigo collaborated with Pharrel on the design for the first Ice Cream Shoes, though I don't know if he's still working on Pharrel's lines since they've been relaunched.

^^And here we have the famous BAPE shoes. As everyone knows, these shoes are basically a knock-off of Nike's Air Force One shoe. After ignoring the situation for the longest, Nike finally decided to retailiate by putting out its own line of patent leather Uptowns. It's like okay, you wanna rip our design off, motherfuckers? Well then okay, we're gonna rip your patent leather idea off, only we're going to do it ten times better than you did and murder your brand in the process. See? Not only are their rap feuds, there are also sneaker feuds, and we see in this picture that Pharrel's loyalties are NOT with Nike, which makes sense. His footwear is manufactured by Reebok, and he partners with the owner of Bape.

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