Friday, July 28, 2006

The Back of Bust Magazine

For the last issue of Bust magazine, rather than highlight any one article or image, I dug through all the little ads in the back of the magazine, visited the company Web sites and posted what I felt were the product highlights. I'm using the same theme for the August/September issue of Bust magazine, which featurs Imitation of Christ designer Sara Subkoff on the cover. As then, the focus is on up-and-coming designers, (which is easy cause that's all that advertises in Bust) and items that aren't priced over $150 and are more likely well under $100.

^^, custom bathing suit: I like the plungy neck, but would like the model to have a plumper butt, but oh well, after my speech in the last post about judging women's bodies, who am I to complain?

^^Who wouldn't smile upon receiving a swinging pony card? Found at

^^Relaxed and happy pink kangaroos, jumping across a zipper clutch at

^^I can't seem to find the site where I first spotted these cute bags. I though it was, but it's not there. Bummer!

^^Your grandma's bracelet for a mere 12 bucks at

^^Described on the as a "saltbox zebra tote," the print will definitely set you apart from the masses.

The offerings are scant this time around cause I couldn't find much I liked!

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yougogirl said...

The bracelet is cute. Thanks.