Friday, July 21, 2006

Free at last!

I'm a freelancer and June and July are my two busiest months of the year (And I quite sure that in those two months I have interviewed no less than 200 retailers/manufacturers for various and sundry stories so to say I'm feeling like i have a fairly good grasp on the U.S. footwear market right now is an understatement). Thus the light posting for the past week or so. I handed in my last major story about an hour ago and right about now, my brain is feeling beyond fried. But you know what? My traffic never really dropped off while I was mostly gone. And what do I have to thank for that? Damned if it wasn't people in search of information on the "Chicken Noodle Soup" dance. Crazy, right? And since that post, I have not only heard the song on my son's friend's ringtone and at the skating rink, but I also got a personal dance demonstration from my favorite wee neighbor (he actually only knew the "Let it rain" and "Clear it Out Part," which even I can do). So anyway, I might start throwing up some posts tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow. I got a bunch of catalogs and magazines in the mail and I got a thing or two to say about 'em!

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