Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stop the Presses!! Vogue in Brooklyn!

A recent groundbreaking editorial on leggings (if you haven't yet heard about this trend, you will very soon!) in the July issue of Vogue magazine contains evidence that staff members of Vogue had stilettos on the ground in the borough of Brooklyn.

See photos:

^^Like the caption says: "It's all about perspective," i.e. one that's pushed to the very edge of Brooklyn's geographical limits and looking longingly toward Midtown.

^^Have no fear. No Vogue models were hurt and no fellow passengers annoyed during this shot. All "subway" images were taken in Brooklyn's Transit Museum. Vogue likes to keep it real, but not THAT real for god's sake!

All photos by Patrick Demarchelier


Anonymous said...

fyi, it is _technically_ illegal to shoot in the nyc subways without cutting through a mess of red tape. the MTA is really particular about it. considering i bet vogue shoots run really long, that's why they had to do it at the transit museum (i've done subway shoots but you do it on the fly and on off-hours)

Lois said...

Interesting detail. Thanks. I still thinks it's funny that it was shot in a make-believe Brooklyn subway.

CaSii*l0Ve_s0lE*fReSh said...

really tho..out of control..