Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jay-Z: An Affectionate Guy

Funny Jay-Z. I'm so used to seeing the cold and distant body language he displays toward his girlfriend, Beyonce, that I just assume he's got some ish with showing any warmth or affection in public.

^^At least they're actually touching body parts in the image. Generally Bee is shot walking a good six feet behind Jay.

So I was looking around WireImages today and came upon these shots of Jay taken at a Rocawear party and apparently Jay has no problema with public displays of affection....

^^Jay hugged up on the editor for Us magazine

^^Jay with random guest on left and Young Von on right

^^Jay stroking the hair of an unknown guest.

Funny right? And no, I'm not trying to make any call on the genuine nature of Jay and Bee's relationship. I just find the distance he displays toward his girl in public sort of fascinating. A lot of couples do that though, right? It's like it's easier for them to be chummy and warm with a stranger than with someone with whom there's a big emotional investment.

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