Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bees on the Bridle Path!!

I was taking my usual run around Prospect Park the day before yesterday (in my newish Brooks Adrenaline btw), when all of a sudden I felt something sting the outside of my right thigh. I swatted it away and then I felt it bite me again, though not as bad, on the inside of my left thigh.

For a second I though about stopping right then and there, lest my heightened physical activity place the poison in my system on an accelerated path to my cerebral cortex, leading to the shut down of my autonomic nervous system, but I had just read this article about ignoring minors aches and pains and soldiering on when running so I kept going.

Now it's two days later and my leg is officially a mess! There's this one big swollen circle from the first bite and a smaller one on my inner thigh, both of which itch like you can't believe! Advil has helped a little and based on a Slate article I read earlier today, I tried covering it with toothpaste, which also seems to have helped.

At first I thought I got bit by a horsefly--I was running on the bridle path, after all, but now I think it's obvious I was stung by a bee. That fact really irritates me cause I often run on that bridle path and have never been bitten before. And while there are trees nearby, I can't imagine I was all that close to any swarm's precious hive.

Besides! It's flipping September! What the hell is there to protect at this point?? I have decided that it was some rogue mad-at-the-world bee, who couldn't get the queen or some b.s. like that and decided to take it out on MY legs. And while I hope for no one's death, I wouldn't shed any tears to discover that that bee died as a result of its angry outburst.

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