Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Project Runway Updates

A few items for all of you who adore this show:

First up, on online chat with designer mentor Tim Gunn in the Washington Post reveals that he didn't agree with Alison's elimination and would have taken out Jeffrey instead. (Hat tip Flypaper.)

Fairfax, Va.: How important is the body of work from a designer as created on the show? I wonder because I was not happy to see Allison leave for what seemed like one mistake but to see Vincent stay on after multiple bad garments.

Tim Gunn: I am in total agreement with you about the elimination of Alison. Although the judges can't help but conjure each designer's previous work, they remain focused on what is before them, only. Still, if I had been voting, Vincent would have been gone!

Second, Jeffrey aka tattoo neck, underwent an investigation after he showed his runway collection. According to New York magazine:

[W]hen they returned for their group show at Bryant Park, fellow contestant Laura Bennett accused Sebelia of cheating. Three weeks earlier, Tim Gunn, Parsons fashion design chair and the show’s mentor, had visited Sebelia in L.A. and declared, “He had a lot of work to do.” Word reached Bennett, whose mother had met and become friendly with Sebelia’s mother. Upon seeing Sebelia’s miraculously finished collection, Bennett told the producers she believed Sebelia had outsourced his sewing—which would disqualify him.

And finally, an interview with Laura Bennett (the pregnant one) in New York magazine:

On the show, was there any point where they edited you different from what you’d hoped?
No. I think the editing was very fair. Sometimes they made me seem like this sort of buttinsky design critic, and sometimes they made me look like this kind of tough fighting girl, and sometimes they made me seem like this sort of hormonal crazy woman. But I think that I was all of those things when I was there.

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