Friday, September 01, 2006

Leah and Julie

Ha! I finally got to meet Mob founder and designer Leah and founder of Coutorture and AlmostGirl blogger, Julie. It's funny cause my first impression was that they are total polor opposites: Leah the loveable street moll with a heart of gold and Julie the very polished and chic, budding enrepreuner, BUT on closer examination, what they have in common is that they're both ridiculously smart and focused women with a ton of admirable accomplishments already under their (very fashionable) belts. God how I love this young, up-and-coming generation of women...lemme count the ways!

And you know I documented the event:

^^That's Leah on the left and Julie on the right.

^^And here's another slightly less blurry shot.

After we had drinks, the three of us, plus a friend of Leah's headed to a party at Alife. I tell you this not to brag, but to let you know that I'm about to post a bunch of images from the party, all of which are focused on female street style. I'm gonna put the images up first at ChicksForKicks, but I'll give a heads up about that here.

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