Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Issues

My son got dressed up as a Jedi Knight for Halloween last year. Even then I was a little suprised that he still wanted to wear a traditional costume because I though he was too old, but then again, he's always been a little more fanciful than I ever was. I caught onto the Santa Claus farce when I was in third grade and he was still going strong up until fifth grade.

Anyway, last night he told me that this year instead of doing a costume like he always has, he wanted to get dressed up as a rap artist, and I'm like, what? How the hell is that going to be all that different than how he already dresses?? Apparently, he's decided that if he adds in a Kangol cap, one of the those belt chains, and, a clip-on diamond stud earring (lord save me!) then everyone will realize he's some mysterious, unnamed rap artist. I'm thinking people are going to look at him, admire his fresh gear, and then he'll get the same questions his friend did last year when he went trick-or-treating in the clothes he wore to school that day, i.e. Where's your damn costume, kid???

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