Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kicks on a Wire

I got sort of annoyed when I came across a letter from a woman the other day, who was bitching about the sneakers hanging on a wire near her house. I forgot to mention in that post that I recently purchased a really neat image of some kicks hanging from a wire in Brooklyn. The picture was taken by a Brooklyn photographer who goes by the name of Frederick Nielson. The print isn't part of a limited edition or anything so it's not that expensive and you can order it in any size you want. (I predict that I'll get around to getting it framed around this time next year.)

^^This is a crappy reproduction, but you can't download images from the site so I had to make a copy of the page and crop it. The pigeon flying by is great, right?

Here is the link to the the image. There's lots of other neat photographs there as well. I forget if you can buy the photos at that site or not, but if you go there and snoop around, you'll figure it out.

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