Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Trend Stuff: Kanye, Canon & Nas

Nick Canon recently celebrated his birthday party in conjunction with the opening of a PNB Nation store in Los Angeles. Once again, there was some good trend spotting.

^^As you can see in this image and as I mentioned in the post a couple below this one, black is back! Also check out Kanye's jacket, which combines the lumberjack plaid trend with satin-finish sleeves on a bomber jacket profile. That's a tad too busy for me--I don't really like fusion trends--but as we all know, Kanye enjoys pushing the envelope. (And to all my sneaker fashionistos out there, any ideas on what kicks brand is Kanye rocking in this image?)

^^Nick is looking cute in his suit. I like the purple tie. And check out Nas's Doors tee-shirt! Weird, right? Nas always does his own thing and I love that about him.

^^Beyond all the bling (yes, in case you haven't noticed, gold is very much back), in this image, we get a beautiful shot of Nas's sweet and simple wedding band.

More images/credits at WireImage

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