Tuesday, October 24, 2006

They wait on line for sneakers!

I am happy to see Durham, North Carolina residents LaTesha Burroughs and Sam Robinson get publicity for their retail site KrazyKickz, but the tone of the article cracks me up. Maybe it's cause I've been immersed in the shoe world for far too long, but take a look at this article recently published in "The News and Observer" and tell me if it doesn't read like something that was newsworthy at least two years ago:

Once a relatively obscure, cultlike industry, sneaker collecting is now so widespread, dozens of Web sites are dedicated to helping collectors buy and trade shoes and stay on top of the latest sneaker rereleases. Specialty boutiques have opened to sell them the rarest pairs around, some for $200 or more. There are sneaker collector shows, magazines and books.

There's even a special lingo: Collectors like Burroughs are "sneakerheads"; the shoes they collect are "kicks."

Crazy right?? The shoes they collect are called kicks! But this is the part you will simply NOT believe:

Some of his shoes are so rare and highly coveted, customers sometimes line up well before his store opens to get a shot at buying them.

Do I need a reality check or does this read the same as if you got an email today from a friend alerting you to this cool new site called YouTube?

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