Tuesday, October 10, 2006

VH1 HipHop Honors Awards: Emerging Urban Trends

The VH1 HipHop Honors awards took place last week and some very clear themes emerged on the runway. Just like in the rest of the fashion world, the eighties are very much back in style so just about all the hottest themes are playing off of that decade.

That being said, let me just cut to the chase and list what I think will be the hottest themes this winter:

1. The color black is back, or as someone recently mentioned to me, "Black is the new black."
2. Satin-finished bomber jackets.
3. Lumberjack plaid jackets
3. Timberlands, perferably in black
4. Gold jewelry a la 80s
5. Neckerchiefs

I have three categories for the images below: "On Point," "Sort of But Not Really," and "Honorable Mention." If you made it here, at least you caught my eye. Everyone else just sort of bored me. (See more images/credits here.)

On Point:

^^Remy's ring pretty much says it all

^^People love to rag on Remy for her style choices--and yeah, her bangs are weird, but hate her style or not, this cropped lumberjack jacket is adorable!

^^Joe's working two hot trends: the satin-finished bomber and a classic pair of 6-inch wheat Tims

U-God: another black jacket with a satin finish. I want one of these god dammit!

^^My guess is that ?uestlove is just paying tribute to the days-gone-by when folks used to wear stolen car hardware as jewelry, but still, the VW piece speaks to the current love of all things 80s.

^^Cube dressed head-to-toe in all black and wearing a So. Cal staple, low black canvas Chucks.

^^Rakim brings the authenticity with a coordinated black leather top and bottom, set off by a crisp new pair of wheat Tims.

^^Big Boi is wearing the black Tims that I've noticed a lot of urban retailers are stocked up on big time this fall.

Sort of But not Really

^^Kwame combines 80s-style jewelry--the dookie chain and iced-out ring with the updated appeal of an all-over screen hoodie.

^^Kwame bucks the trend and goes with both a colorful hoodie and kicks. He looks cute, but maybe just a tad behind the trend curve. Plus, I think the dookie necklace AND shotta chain is a bit much.

^^Wendy Williams: the dress is sweet and I love the color, but given the setting, I'm thinking this look is a tad too frou-frou.

Honorable mention:

^^Honorable mention to Erykah who apparently raided her ex's closet for her night's wardrobe choice.

^^The problem with a bigger-than-life costume like this is if you can't throw down a performance that's as badass as the outfit, then you end up looking like a cry for help.


eblake7 said...

Kwame used to rock the polka dots on his 1989 album cover; later Biggie had a line about being played out like Kwame and the polka dots. So I guess this is Kwame's I'm still here hoodie. And the VW chain is a tribute to the Beasties who were being honored that night, right?

Lois said...

Wow--I completely forgot about the Kwame polka-dot drama! So yeah, you're right. I guess he's bringing polka-dots back! As for the VW thing, yup, the Beasties started that whole crazy trend.