Monday, October 02, 2006

Yankee Stadium

Yesterday was the last day of the baseball season and me, my son and a friend of his attended the Blue Jays vs. Yankee game (which Bernie Williams managed). Here's an image of the kid and me, like all moms, having to carry everyone's shit, including the free teddy bears that were given out to the younglings. Just what my kid needs, yet another stuffed animal he'll never look at again after it gets added to the pile. On the way home, him and his friend were acting up and I jokingly hung the bear out the car window, but in my heart I was really looking for an excuse to toss that thing!

^^Note the MOB tee-shirt and that's a little corner of Yankee Stadium in the upper-right-hand corner of the image.

So now you know what I look like.


Sole Proprietor said...

I love the picture and GO Yankees!!!

Lois said...

Oh no! A Yankee fan living in Mass. That's rough!