Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Damon Dash: White Sneakers and Ascots Are OUT

Dame recently did an interview in which he proclaimed,“White sneakers have started to fizzle out, which is weird to me because I’ve always loved white Nikes." You're not alone, sweetie. Two of your ex-OG buddies--Russell, Jay-Z, can't give up the all-white Uptowns either--though at least Jay seems to be trying to make the change.

Dame gave the interview in an effort to hype his ever-lagging Pro-Ked sneaker line, which appear to be modeled after, shocker of shockers, Air Force Ones!

Here's another quote from the infamous Harlemite:

“When I was younger, I always thought about how I would design sneakers,” he says. “And I had some ideas for Nike and adidas, but it took too long to execute them. So I thought that if I could find a brand that would allow me to be as creative as I wanted to be, that represented the ideals and rules that I live by, I would buy it.”

The reality is, Dame felt he could make more money if he had his own deal. As well, Nike doesn't make a shoe unless they can tie it back to some form of performance and that doesn't include a former partnership with a rap artist. And based on Adidas's recent announcements that it would like to end Reebok's whole series of rap-artist shoes, I don't think there's much of an opportunity with the three stripes either.

Timelessness is important to Dash, who looks beyond urban brands to Ralph Lauren and Coco Chanel for inspiration. With wife Roy’s help, he hopes to make shoes that transcend the urban market. “She gives me a whole other layer, and I don’t make a move without her,” he says. “If I can make a sneaker that resonates with the urban buyer and can also resonate with a high level of fashion, I’ll be happy.”

Oh yeah, those Pro-Keds look TOTALLY influenced by Ralph and Coco. They're not urban at all!

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