Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Monopoloy: New Balance Game Piece

Apparently the fact that Monopoly has updated its game pieces is pretty stale news....

An updated edition of the venerable game, scheduled to be introduced on Thursday, will include tokens styled after name-brand products. Five of the eight tokens in the new Monopoly Here and Now edition will be branded, offering players the chance to be represented by miniature versions of a Toyota Prius hybrid car, an order of McDonald's french fries, a New Balance running shoe, a cup of Starbucks coffee or a Motorola Razr cell phone.

...but I just spotted it the other day. I kinda like the New Balance update, but I'm not so sure about the Toyota Prius, much less the McDonald's french fries, but oh well, we live in a world in which Common, of all rappers, is dancing around in Gap commercials so whadya gonna do.

^^Branding 'til it hurts.

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