Friday, November 03, 2006

Trends from Around the World

Really this is just payback for those of you who couldn't care less about my musings on Wall Street. You just wanna see the pretty pictures, man!

^^We see you Nigo in your cute black jacket, but I take it you do know that word on the street about your footwear is getting real ugly.

^^I like Kanye's smile here AND Rihanna's black nail polish. If you wanna see a baby picture of Kanye, go check out YoungBlack&Fabulous, where Tasha put up a great image of him and a bunch of other entertainers as wee ones.

^^I remember when I got a bunch of hickeys one time, I had to wear a scarf jut like Kelis is wearing here. Hmmm, whadya wanna bet, she's got bruises under there? Or, I don't know, maybe Kelis, unlike me, actually has moved past adolescent behavior patterns.

^^Shameless self-promotion only works when you look this cute in a fur hat.

Happy weekend all. I'm going down to Maryland for my son's baseball tournament--wish him luck--so I won't be around.

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