Friday, January 05, 2007

Derek and What's-Her-Face

Ugh, what a way to start posting again. Apropos-of-nothing images of Derek Jeter and his new girl, Jessica Biel. Indulge me if you will, dear readers. This duo quenches my thrist for gossip about strangers' lives while at the same time provides a rare glimpse into the private life of a member of my fave baseball team, The Bronx Bombers.

Personally, I don't know what to make of Derek. He always gives the predicable, i.e. safe, response in any interview and because of that, he gives off a slightly robotic vibe. As for Jessica, since her 7th Heaven Days (don't watch it much these days, but I've loved that stupid-ass show), I've thought she was hot, but I don't know, these two aren't exactly loveable as a couple. Stay together, split up, I could care less.

^^Based on his facial hair, I have a sneaking suspicion that DJ is waxing his chest hair. Such a shame. I know I'm old school, but the fact is, I can't get with this trend of men removing all the hair from their torso. Back okay, front not.

Jess girl, I hope that's a tube of sunscreen spf 500 that you're clutching in your hands!

^^Cute, DJ's got himself a little off-season paunch.

^^Forget having sex with DJ, how perfect is her ass! How do I hate this bitch--lemme count the ways!

^^Derek in flip-flops: Cam'ron diss song eminent!!

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My Fall Collection said...

I with you. Don't get what's-his-name's appeal at all!