Monday, February 19, 2007

NBA All-Star Weekend

Las Vegas is the perfect place for the NBA All-Star game. There's the whole win/lose mentality that matches up well with any sport, but there's something about the flashy, up-close nature of hoops that matches the sensibilities of Vegas more than any other competetive game. You know this morning all those young playas were thinking, "How come we can't do it here every year??"

I can't say there was a ton to comment on fashion-wise this past weekend, but there were still a few images that caught my eye:

^^I have this feeling that LaBron has a lot of love for New York. It seems like he's always here either attending N.Y. sporting events or attending some party or another. I'll bet it'd be a dream come true for him to play on Jay's team.

^^KardASSian was in the house. Did she and her ex, Whitney Houston's current beaux, cross paths? (I blogged about her porn tape over at ChicksWithKicks this past week.)

^^Wifey looking happy for a change and, as usual, Kobe's shoe game is as tight as all get out.

^^Al does his best to bridge the ever-growing gap between Jay and Bee, who rolls her eyes at the very thought.

^^Two ole hustlers meet and greet.

^^We RUN L.A.! Game proves that crazy is sexy. He wore these nerd glasses for you...and you... and you!

^^Funkmaster Flex: The ole New York wasn't ALL cool. Drugs burned though neighborhoods like crazy back then and too many people I know didn't make it through those times whether cause they were taken down by addiction its brother friend, gun violence.

^^Nells wearing his signature diamond cuff. He loves that thing! Other than the bling, this man loves to keep it simple. Here's he's wearing a simple white button-down with a wife beater, and in another image from the same weekend, he's wearing a plain white tee layered over a long-sleeved thermal top, both of which couldn't have cost more than 30 bucks.

And now for lots of images of my fave celeb couple:

^^For a minute Nas was all chunked out on his wife's cooking, but he's clearly got his gut back under control and then some!

^^Nas looking happy and HOT.

^^Maybe sleeping next to this woman each night is contributing to his positive outlook!

^^Husband and wife do their thing together. Hi Nas!

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