Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nike Nike Nike

I'll be attending some Nike product launch meeting a couple weeks from now. I'm kinda worried cuz it seems like whenever people go to Nike-sponsored events, they turn into pro-Nike pod people, seemingly incapable of saying a bad thing about the brand.

I think it's cuz Nike makes the people it invites to its events feel like they're special, like somehow they're the chosen ones, the cream of the sneaker world crop. Often you get flown to some faraway, cool destination or you're placed on a very VERY special guest list where even a measly plus-one is not allowed. Once at the event, all the entertainment is top-notch and the product you get to see is made all the more special cuz you had to sign a nondisclosure agreement before you could even lay your eyes on it.

So I'm just warning you, if I start gushing non-stop about Nike with nary a sideswipe about its ugly, money-grubbing ways, send help immediately!!


On another note, but still on the topic of Swooshy, I bought a gorgeous Nike jacket from Century 21 a month or so back. I wanted to make sure I didn't have an excuse for not running in the park this winter so I figured if I bought some top-notch gear, albeit at a C-21 discount, I'd be ashamed NOT to jog at least three times a week.

And man did I love that jacket. Like any shopaholic, I buy my share of shit that I end up hating and never wearing, but mmm-mmmm did I FEEL this jacket. It looked good, fit me perfect and I'm pretty sure I ran faster when I wore it. My son liked it, too (yup, it was THAT slick) so when he asked to borrow it this past week, I said yes, but told him he'd better be very very careful with it cuz I would have to kill him if he ever lost it, which would suck cuz I do love my son to pieces, but a hot jacket is a hot jacket. 'Nuff said! Naturally, within, oh, three days of wearing it to school, he left it in the cafeteria at lunch and, duh, it wasn't there when he went to look for a couple of hours later.

Fortunately, the school dean called me to warn me what had happened (my son was so distraught at losing it that he wondered what the heck was going on) before he got home so thanks to him, my son is still alive today. Alas, I'm still missing that jacket. There's an approximate .002 chance the jacket may still be found, but my son is on vacation this week so I won't find out until next week if some kind soul chose to turn it into the lost & found.

In the meantime, I'm feening to replace the old jacket. I've already looked on Ebay and it's gonna be hard not to check for it at Century 21 while my son is at one of his practices in the City this weekend. The fucked up thing is that I don't really need another jacket. I bought another Nike running jacket at the same time as the perfect one, I just don't like it AS much. Stupid I know, but these are the true thoughts of a girl who lives for that perfect purchase. Shopping, like Madonna famously once said, can indeed really cheer a gal up, but, sigh, it can also bring her down, down, down.

UPDATE: One of my five regular readers asked that I post up a picture of the jacket that broke my heart. Last week I took my son to the Westminster Dog Show and he was wearing the jacket that night so it turns out there is photographic evidence of its existence:

^^My son wearing THE jacket, which even the Bedlington Terrier loved.

^^And since I uploaded one show photo, I couldn't resist another. If you love pageantry like I do, there's nothing more beautiful than a standard poodle in show mode, and this girl here even knew her good side!

^^A whippet featuring a frou-frou jester collar. I'm not sure how, but somehow I lost the image I took of a chihuahua in a tiara. The Westminster: Truely the gayest show on earth.


YankeeDude said...

Damn, Girl. You done STRUNG US OUT. Now, why ya gotta be that way.

ya jacket and ya feets are entering Brooklyn lore, as I type. You sure it was a jacket? Not some voo doo cape??

Be a Doll and post a pix for ya fans. Even a crayon rendering will do.. The C21 link fizzled.

Boy, that kid sure loves his mom. You just don’t see that, these days.

Oh, and I do mean “US.” T-Nation’s circulation is healthy and growing. But you know what; the site meter underreports your numbers. For whatever reasons, the sitemeter doesn’t pick up the subscriptions delivered by Bloglines, Technorati, Feedster, Ice Rocket, etc., etc., etc. Everyone has their favorite RSS application and there’s a myriad of RSS syndicators/aggregators. I know, I subscribed last summer, and in December I noticed the meter wasn’t picking up my deliveries.

YankeeDude said...

That IS a nifty design! Go Navy Blue!

See, we good reason to dig your taste.

I was thinking this morning about the cool pictures you ALWAYS post, and then it hit me how I take it for granted and never say thanks.

Thank you, Lois.

To the casual blogger/reader, it ain’t easy collecting, editing, resizing, coding, and adding captions to photos. Lois only makes it look easy.

Lois said...

Dude, it's black!

Lol, hmmm, what would YOU knw about editing, resizing, etc. etc??