Friday, February 23, 2007

Three Most Influential

I was just chatting with Danny Wasserstein, who owns Shoe Gallery, a sneaker boutique in Miami, for a story I'm working on, and when I asked him which celebs he keeps on eye on because of their ability to influence the people who shop in his store, he listed two that didn't surprise--Jay-Z and Kanye--and a third that I personally would list, but didn't expect him to mention. Can you guess who his number three trend setter was? Check below the Kanye image for the answer.

^^Kanye mixing formal wear w/ a pair of kicks at a recent 100 Black Men gala. As usual, I have NO idea on what brand's he's wearing....anyone wanna help me out??

And the answer is........the slick-talking Harlemite, the one-and-only, the new Diplomats Don, Jim Jones.

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