Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wicked Shoes

The New York Times had an added Women's Spring Fashion 2007 magazine this past Sunday and it wasn't half bad. There some decent essays and pieces on two of my favorite females, Colette and Patricia Field. The fashion shoots were just okay though and as has become par for the course these days, not nearly as interesting as the ads for the coutour brands. There was one shoot, however, that featured the most delish of shoes, which they paid tribute to by pairing them with each of the dresses that made up the four-page spread.

^^Shoes by Pierre Hardy

There was also a cute piece called "My Shopper/Myself" by S.S. Fair, which included a fantastic description of the Samurai Shopper:

A Samurai Shopper never shops out of desperation but hunts sheerly for the sport, or to hone her sense of aesthetics. The Samurai Shopper lives by Bushido, the way of the warrior; through consummate artistry and keen intelligence she prevails on the bloodless battlefields of Bergdorf’s and Barneys. She remains unflappable at overrun discount houses and the chicken-without-a-head melees of sample sales, because she’s a powerhouse of Joriki: the ability to act instantly, even in the midst of sudden and unexpected situations. While personal shoppers keep the infinite specifics of the client in mind, the Samurai Shopper indulges her love of particulars, sure that her fearless self-appraisal will lead her to the right thing at the right price at the right time. Sometimes wrong, never in doubt. That is the Tao of Samurai Shopping.

I don't know about any of you folks, but that description feels like home to me. Don't get in my way when I'm shopping, people, cuz I will cut you with a quickness!

The only big disappointment was the New York Times jumping on the bandwagon that declares Mary-Kate Olsen as some great fashion icon of our times. She got the whole final page of the magazine to blather on about how much she loves Channel's classic quilted bag. She even said: "I look at everything with a designer's eye, but I wouldn't change a thing about this bag. I think that why it's a true classic." Oh gee thanks, MK. Not sure when you became a designer, but I'm sure Coco is sleeply soundly in her grave tonight, knowing that you put the seal of approval on a bag that became an instant classic in 1955, the very first year it was made.

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