Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Amy Winehouse in Bust Magazine

For all of you who can't get enough, here's a fresh image of Ms. Winehouse from Bust magazine (click to enlarge):

^^What is it about Brits that they always seem so effortlessly stylish? What is the special charm they possess that enables them to look sharp wearing fedoras and creepers (not to mention beehive wigs!), whereas any American trying a similar look comes off like a silly buffoon?

Winehouse fetchingingly photographed by by Jo Ann Toy

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Butterfly Jones said...

Appreciate the compliments about Brit style - we def got our own thing, although some of our bands look like they could do with a good wash now and then!

You'll be pleased to know when Amy in going to the pub (every day) she usually wears jeans and trainers, they're either black air max, or reeboks, I can't remember.