Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lil Mama: "Fire"

DifferentKitchen has been bigging up Lil Mama for a minute now and when I popped over there today, there was a link to her performing "Fire." It's from a whole two months ago, but very much worth watching, 'specially if lately you've been jonesing for authentic/strong female voices:

According to her MySpace page, Lil Mama is from East New York so you know she's not playing. I love her style, too. She's got that super-confident hoodrat swagger unique to sisters grown up in the boroughs of NYC.

Not sure if this'll work, but here's a slideshow from MySpace:

1 comment:

YankeeDude said...

Lil’ Mama is Lil’ Smokin’!!

Those eyes. Those lips. That dimpled chin...

Yeah, she’s a baaaadasss, too.

That flamingo / raspberry she features in her montage – its rockin’ all the delicious Bettys.

Thanks for the clip, pix & write-up!

My Bro told me a good one today:

There’s only one difference btwn a white grrl and a black girl, when a sister asks you if she has a big ass, always say, “HELL, YESS.”