Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jay and Jordan: This Means War

I was watching a Yankee game the other night, in which the umpire clearly called a low pitch to A-Rod a strike. A-Rod didn't say anything, but commentator Paul O'Neil pointed out how A-Rod used his body language to make it clear without saying a word that he thought the umps call was bogus. It's the same thing in the world of hip-hop. You have your "Ether" moments when we witness one man use words to publically eviscerate another man, and then you have your more subtle messages that fly under the radar for all except for a handful watching closely.

In this Rocawear ad, witness Jay's footwear. I can't speak for past ads, but even though Dame Dash and Jay have gone their separate ways, there is still a business connection between Rocawear and Pro-Keds. I'm not gonna say what Dash said when I asked him what he thought about Jay selling Rocawear and how he thought it would affect his company (gotta save that for the article), but I'm thinking this image of Jay rockin some sickalicious Jordans says a lot:

^^I got my Jordans on and they look like real sneakers

Note: And on an altogether different note, what kind of message is Jay sending Adidas/Reebok, with whom, as far as I know, he hasn't officially ended his shoe deal. Or maybe he has.

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Al Rogers said...

Ahh Maaaaaaaaaaaaan!

No fair.

Are we there, yet ?

Are we there, yet ?

Are we there, yet ?

This is like trying to snag a cab.

I hope you’re enjoying yourself, stringing us along, like this.

Here Babe, have a hottie

And check on future Yankee show stopper, Johan Santana - here and here

Lois said...

Oh lordy, check out Papa Chulo! Lol, he can run my bases any ole time!

Butterfly Jones said...

I've been feening for a pair of Jordans of late, there were a couple of models I liked, but I never owned a pair as I am in essence an adidas wearer. I was all set to buy some £85 re-issues I saw in Niketown...until I saw this pic of Jay-Z in his pair. The re-issues are a pile of crap in comparison. I won't bother now. Thanks Lois!!!

Lois said...

Yup, that's what all the old, school sneaker reakss tell me: that all the Nike reissues aint crap.