Thursday, May 31, 2007

Foot Locker and Genesco: It's Over, Johnny!

Oh happy day. I just got this update:

Foot Locker said that today confirmed that it had made a proposal to Genesco Inc. to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Genesco for $51 per share but that in light of Genesco's public release this morning, Foot Locker announced that it was no longer pursuing its proposal.

That slight tremor you just felt was all the employees of Genesco breathing a collective sigh of relief!


Al said...

“It’s over, Johnny, IT’S OVER!” Nice Howard Stern reference, Lo. Fred loved playing that clip.

In your earlier post, I thought you were gonna go with “The Whole Limited Thing Is Getting To Be GOD DAMN RIDICULOUS!”

What a week for gossip, huh: Lindsay, Pops, Paris’ Bible study, ARod.

I don’t know what’s worse, sports fans carping how gossip is ruining our country or sports fans climbing Mount Sinai!

Thanks for the Hip Hop Weekly reminder. They were dark when you first bought them up (Jan ?), but I bookmarked it and tried for a month, but nada; so I forgot.

Are you sure you didn’t write about LE? I remember riff on defeating nature of un“limited” saturation awhile back, either here or at CWK.

Al said...

Well, I did a word search and I didn't find what I thought I remembered (the Addidas pieces notwithstanding). CWK is too difficult to search cuz of the switchover.

I did enjoy rereading about your 80s footware and your Nike Stabs. I think sneakers are artistic, but there's so much, it's overwhelming. That’s why I scratch my head when you say you’re a “sucky” writer. You sharpen and simplify topics, while ever so subtly, weaving fun and a page turning reports.

Lois said...

Ahhhh--THAT'S where I got the "It's over Johhny" thinger. Of course! Lol. I googled it to make sure it was a commonly used phrase, but forgot all about the Stern reference. And thanks for the "god damn ridiculous" memory. That makes me chuckle.

I may have bitched about LE here, but nothing published. You know how it goes, Al, it's changing with the internet, but there is still the notion that until a reporter breaks the news, it doesn't exist as reality.

Thanks on my writing, Al, but I can be a sucky writer. I've had my moments, but I'm not a natural and I still really have to work at it. And even then I can fall into clunkiness.