Friday, September 21, 2007

Under Armour: Not Your Soccer Momma's Mindset

A while back I was talking with retailers about Under Amour's campaign to promote their women's line. The people I spoke to it described it as one that features hardcore athletes, who weren't at all femmy. I, like the buyers I spoke to, thought that was a mistake on Under Armour's part. We all agreed that while women not only want to, but also and have more pressure on them to be in good shape, ultimately they still wanted to be soft and feminine.

And then after I saw the ad and it made me realize, I am an old-damn crow. Because you know what? This new generation of women is different. They're really serious about competetive sports in a way that my generation wasn't.

So now I have to give Under Armour its props. It created ads that set itself apart from its biggest competitor, Nike. It's like if you're a soccer Mom like me, you'll probably identify more with Nike, but if you're a young woman, you're going to like the feel of Under Armour more. So rather than take on the Swoosh head on, Under Armour chose to plant its seeds with the up-and-coming crew and slowly grow with them.

On a side note, we're going to see the launch of Under Armour's athletic footwear line in late spring. Me? I'm pretty damn excited about it. It's been too long since anyone has given Nike serious competition in the footwear category.

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