Tuesday, March 21, 2006

JB Classics

A while back Jason of JB Classics told me that he was planning on doing a vinyl figure and the little fella has finally arrived. He's called The Bully and, cutest of all, he's sporting a pair of JB Classics (and comes with an extra pair to keep things fresh). I'm not so sure that a bully is deserving of Jason's shoes, but then again, given that he's a bully, he probably jacked them off of someone who WAS that cool. Seriously though, I love the idea of putting the spotlight on bullies, who besides being total assholes, tend to also be pretty complex people.

I love Jason, btw, I interviewed him twice for Footwear News magazine (the second story got killed unfortunately) and he is the real deal--a guy who has incredible vision and also knows how to get his hustle on. He also happens to be a really good guy. Whoever raised him should be proud.

Note: I pulled the image from Vinyl Pulse, which has even more details on The Bully.

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