Monday, March 20, 2006

Underground Skatepark

In the February issue of SGI Magazine, I did a profile on Underground Skatepark, which is located in Brooklyn, N.Y. I remember when I first went there a few months back and being blown away as much by the fashion as the skating. Underground is clearly serving as a sort of incubator for the growth of some fresh new looks, which are a combination of old-school-urban collided head on with action sports. As of now, there's no set "uniform" (a la the stereotypical Tims and Rocawear); the kids there are open and experimenting with fashion, which is a blast to witness.

A bunch of the images I took didn't make it into the magazine and here they are:

^^ADL Crew: these guys told me what "ADL" stands for and I totally forgot.

^^Ramelle Knight is a member of the park's B.Unique skate team.

^^Kids are wearing all kinds of sneakers at Underground, but when they do wear Nike's, it's usually either dunks or SBs

^^There aren't a ton of girl skaters, which is a shame, but here are two regulars at Underground.

^^On Wednesdays, the park opens up for BMX bikers.

^^Poster advertising a winter 2006 competition.

And let it be known that I am hardly the first person to notice that Underground drips cool. As you can see from the competition posters, lots of companies are getting in on the sponsorship action and every other time I go there to drop off or pick up my son, there's someone either video-taping or photographing the scene. Can't say I blame them. It's a beautiful place.

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