Monday, April 24, 2006

Adidas Gossip

There's some good Adidas gossip floating around out there. Supposedly there's a very high up North American executive who has a LOT of folks disgruntled because of said exec's hiring practices. Specifically this executive is practicing the oldest Tom foolery in all the land--putting a romantic interest in a position for which said lover is in no way qualified. Worse yet, it's not some do-nothing, paper-pushing position. This employee actually needs to have a resume waaay above and beyond that of a lightweight retail sales background to not only justify the six-figure salary, but also level or responsibility. And while it's none of MY business, given all Adidas has on its plate trying to get Reebok back up to speed, I'd think the last thing it needs right now is incompetency from the top combined with a bunch of pissed off employees.

Note on image: a customized shoe from the Adicolor line, featured in a Berlin store.

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