Monday, April 24, 2006

Chris Brown

Interesting images of Chris Brown from a recent New York concert. First off, what's Nike paying him to sport a tee-shirt featuring an image of a guy, Michael Jordon, who's old enough to be Browns's Dad? I say that because I know while the shoes sell like crazy--and it looks like Brown is wearing 14s--the clothing line just hasn't had the same success. The other thing that stands out for me is Brown's shorts. They're kinda cute and definitely different from the usual basketball or denim shorts, and I could see guys wearing them.

I'm digging the shorts. They're like three-quarter length workpants. It's a fresh, young look.

^^Michael Jordon's face on the tee is three times bigger than Brown's. Not a good look.

Can you spot the trends? I can count four: Yankee baseball cap, tee featuring the face of a black legend, rubber wristbands and an oversized watch. And that's only from the waist up!

^^Michael Jackson continues to influence

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