Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brooklyn Hunting Club

I'm working on my urban footwear column right now so I took a trip last night to Brooklyn's Fulton Mall to get a feel for what's happening shoe-wise right now (short answer: if it's not a Jordan, you can forget about it), and I came across a "store" in the mall, which had this jacket and tee in its window. It was getting late so the store was closed, but it either just opened or is getting ready to shut down because there wasn't a lot of merchandise on display.

I like the jacket. Very fresh print (click on it to get a closer look). But note the blood stains on the tee. I'm not sure I like that for two reasons: one, even if it is a gimmick--I can't stand stains, and two, that shit aint cute or funny. But since I am loathe to criticize an up-and-comer, I'll add that I'm probably too old to get the irony or whatever.

p.s. I did a search for "Brooklyn Hunting Club," but nothing came up.

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