Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lupe Fiasco, LL & 50

It's driving me NUTS that I can't figure out what shoes Lupe Fiasco and 50 Cent are wearing (pictures below taken at recent BET event). I want to know if they're wearing their signature Reebok shoes, Derrty One for Lupe and G-Unit for 50. LL is wearing Nike, that much I know.

I do know Lupe is wearing an ALife tee-shirt. And I also know that if he is wearing Reebok's he most definitely did NOT buy them from Alife.


zillz aka tie granny up said...

yeah those are lupe's signature shoe. I don't know about fiddy's. they're still ug tho.

Lois said...

Thanks! I'll bet 50's are G-Units too. But yeah, there's nothing super special about Lupe's. It's a shame.