Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cam'ron Pursuing Beyonce??

What in the world?? I generally leave gossip to the professionals, but this story was so bizarre--and it includes two of my favorite trendsters, Jay and Bee--that I had to comment. Supposedly Cam has been blowing up Bee's cell phone with text messages. Why does this sound like a totally fake story?? Then again, maybe Bee is trying to get Jay to stop ignoring her when they're out in public.

Here's the story according to the Daily News:

"Cam has been text-messaging Beyoncé like crazy," our tipster says. "He's been asking her out, and dissing Jay[-Z]. He's been telling her she should be with a real man like him."

Yes, Cam'ron, who was linked with Mariah Carey, has cred on field and street: He was an All-American football player before becoming a drug dealer in his native Harlem. But few would say Jay-Z isn't a "real man": He pulled himself up from Brooklyn's Marcy Houses projects to become a platinum-selling rapper; he started Roc-A-Fella Records with Damon Dash, and now he's Def Jam CEO and part owner of the New Jersey Nets.

It's not the first time Cam'ron has jousted with the rap royals. After splitting with the mogul's former label, Cam'ron said in his song "You Got It" that Jay-Z looked like the puppets in "Fraggle Rock." "I open up the Daily News," he raps. "How's the 'King of New York' rockin' sandals with jeans?/Open-toed sandals? You talk about you a '80s baby/you 37 years old/you was born in 1968," (actually 1969) taunts the 30-years-young upstart, whose real name is Cameron Giles.

Reps for Beyoncé and Cam'ron didn't return calls for comment.

All I can say is, careful girl, you're smart enough to know the street's credo (see Tupac and Faith for more details), keep your friends close, keep your enemy's girl closer.

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