Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tribeca Film Festival: Vanity Fair Party

Black tie events tend to bore me to tears, but there was no way I could ignore a New York event, hosted by none other than Robert DeNiro. Everyone loves Raymond? Fuck that, everyone loves Bobby. And you know he's going to pull an interesting crowd.

^^Robert looking swank with his woman Grace Hightower. I have no idea what their relationship is, whether or not they have kids, etc., but whatever is going on there, you know it has to be mad complicated.

^^Russell with some random chick. Damn! Take that Kimora. In your damn face, girl. (Though an aside to Russ: dude, you gotta move on from the white sneaker thing. It's just not working.)

^^This is actress Camilla Rutherford. I don't who she is either, but I LOVE her outfit. Gorgeous. (But what's with the woman in the background with the moon boots. In April?)

^^There are maybe three designers in the world whose work I consistently like. Diane von Furstenberg is one of them. This woman is the original cool chick.

^^The spy who loved me. I'm not sure who's hotter Joseph Wilson or Valerie Plame, but they make a great couple. I noticed that "model" <---(hardy har har) Lauren Bush was also in attendance. Pretty good bet that those folks didn't sit at the same table, huh?

^^Ron Silverman dumps his wife and takes the downmarket version of her, Trudie Styler. Honestly, what the hell was Ellen Barkin thinking anyway?? She's much better off without him.

^^I always thought Christy was overrated as a model (lopsided eyes and an excessive nose job). Here she is pictured with her husband Ed Burns, looking like the most boring couple on the planet. Suffering form insomnia issues? Spend an evening with these two and you'll be dozing in no time!

^^Patty Smythe and John McEnroe. "Good-bye to you!!" I don't know if I could live with myself if that song was my sole noteworthy accomplishment as a musician.

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