Monday, April 17, 2006

Complex Magazine

Here's the April/May cover of Complex, one of my favorite mags. No, that's not Proof (r.i.p.) to Em's left, but I thought the cover story description was still sort of eerie: "Rehab Gunshots and the Meaning of Life."

Strangely enough though, the artist he is shown with, Obie Trice, was shot in the head in January--thus the "gunshots." As well, in the article, Em is still happily married to Kim. Looks like so far 2006 has been a helluva year for Mr. Mathers.

UPDATE: And now word comes (hat tip: NahRight) that the alleged Proof shooter has also died. What a waste. And it brings back far too many tear-filled memories of friends gone way too soon.

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