Saturday, April 08, 2006

On the Streets of Johannesburg

This photograph is one from a current exhibit at the International Center of Photography. The theme of the show is images of Africa by and for Africans. I haven't been to the exhibit, but the image of this young Johannesburg fashionista has been featured prominantly in magazines writing up the show.

Not for nothing, but Africa is the king AND the queen of fashion when it comes to combining colors and textures to create true fashion pageantry. As for its print-rich fabrics, please, nothing created by the most monied designers in either Europe or the United States even comes close. It's like comparing the work of great masters to seven-year-olds.

Africans fashion lovers are also famous for taking the old and making it new again. Witness this girl's Coke-Cola clutch. I also love the bright tights against the cami-pants and white sandals, the chain hanging between belt loops and the black bangle on one wrist and a red on the other. The whole look is both fierce and fearless. Loves it.


samida said...

I'd rock that coke clutch! Matter of fact, I want that coke clutch!

Lois said...

It's adorable, isn't it?