Saturday, April 08, 2006

Making fun of Plum

In the latest issue of New York magazine (which, btw, I've lately been loving--it's only one of three magazines that I actually enjoy lately), there's a guide to "second greatest cities in the world." In the London section, New York asks Plum Sykes where she likes to hang out in London. Here's her response:

"When I am in London, I go for old-school English glamour. I totally skip the trendy nightclubs I can’t get into in the East End, and instead I head for the classic upper-class haunts. Annabel’s in Berkeley Square is wonderful if you are in a cocktail dress with nothing to do at 2 a.m. on a Thursday night. You get there, sink into an incredible velvet sofa, are handed a delicious strawberry champagne cocktail by a white-coated waiter, and then dance or gossip all night, depending on your mood. Jeans aren’t allowed for men, which makes it much more glamorous. The men look so fabulous there in their black tie or wonderful smoking jackets.If only there were more places where denim was banned, the world would be a much happier place."

First off, could there actually be a club in London that Ms. Sykes can't get into?? I find that hard to buy, but hey, I admit that I am no expert on club entry policies in London. (I keep imagining some punky club that shuns the excessively posh.) Second, note her quote on denim and then, lol, note what image New York chose to illustrate the story. I can only hope that was intentional!

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